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Inspiring and attractive, Dayoris will help you create the ideal environment for your discrete and simple taste.

You’ll be proud of our attractively designed wall panels. Perfect for updating the look of your rooms. Handcrafted in Miami Gardens by the most experienced and skillful woodsmiths.

Our panels are ideal for interior wall coverings. Your rooms will simply look glamorous. They are coated with durable moisture resistant high gloss and matte gloss finish. Additionally, we use melamine, which is easy to maintain, and it’s stain and scratch resistant.

Using the finest materials imported from Italy and Europe, we’ll take your wall paneling to the next level. We’ll help you finish that amazing makeover with our adorable modern looks.

Wall paneling allows you to spend less on decoration and on time spent cleaning. It makes your home look simple yet fancy with a contemporary look that will make your friends jealous.

You are about to install the most durable and nice looking panels. Give us a call for an in -home consultation with one of our savvy experts. Our designers will go above and beyond to help you furnish your home



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