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Surprisingly Modern, Dayoris makes your library an inviting place for generations to come. Our experienced woodsmiths will meet all your expectations. Your ideas will work gracefully in your library space.

Perhaps you have ordered the perfect library collection but there isn’t any space at your place for such an ambitious project. Have you thought about a custom made library? It can be carved into the wall of your choice.

Your home will look more spacious and urbane.

We can also build your modern custom cabinets, custom desks, and any other custom furniture you might be looking for. From a podium to be used in the presidential campaign to the simplest piece of furniture such as a coffee table, we build it all here in Miami Gardens.

We utilize the most coveted materials in our modern market today such as melamine, Formica, wood veneers, and others. They are covered to perfection with high gloss or matte finish.  

You might not know exactly what you are looking for or perhaps you need help figuring it all out. A simple call will do. Our qualified professionals will help you in making that library look its best.



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