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Irresistibly modern, Dayoris brings hardware solutions to your doorstep. Featuring exotic Italian and European wood veneers, frameless glass doors, metal inserts, and customized sizes that will enchant the walls of your modern home.

We have diverse veneer colors and use the most durable high gloss finish and matte finish.

Whether you are looking for a lacquered door, Formica door, or laminated door Dayoris provides solutions that fit the ambiance of your home.

Our doors feature the sleekest designs in plain facings on both sides of the construction. They lend themselves to a number of room designs where you desire to highlight other elements in space.

While the bi-pass doors are usually considered to be more utilitarian than other types of doors, that does not mean the door cannot be an attractive element in the room design.

Flush doors can be painted with interesting patterns to appear to be wall art when closed.

If you have any questions or ideas give us a call. Dayoris is here to enhance your interiors with the finest contemporary beauty.



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