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BI-PASS DOORS / Welcome to Dayoris Custom

Precision and craftsmanship, Dayoris offer the finest quality designer bi-pass doors.

Our door hardware is proudly designed and handcrafted in Miami Gardens providing convenience and affordability to all our local clients.

Using the finest Italian and European wood veneers to craft a lasting solution for you.

Our doors have a wide design of grooves and lines to make your property stand out with an exceptionably attractive modish design. We have diverse veneer colors and use the most durable high gloss finish and matte finish.

Whether you are looking for a lacquer paint, Formica, or laminated door solution Dayoris offers what fits the ambiance of your home.

Dayoris will provide technical assistance throughout all phases of you project from design to building through installation. Call and schedule an appointment at your convenience.



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