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The finest in European taste, Dayoris enhances your dream of space by building your European closets. Made to perfection by our skillful craftsmen and having you in mind.

Our European closets open their spacious doors to our clients. These wardrobes almost take us back to the times when in England people used to sit and read in private inside their closets.

Using wood veneer and lacquer paint the finish product won’t disappoint you. Our high-end product will leave a lasting impression and enhance your creativity.

Your will be fascinated by the simple elegance of our closets. We use Formica, wood veneers, and other materials to beautify the raw artistry of your modern closet. A polished product made with high gloss or matte finishes sealing a lasting beauty. We leave a stunning refined luster behind.

Americans are persuaded into buying billions of garments a year. That’s why closet space becomes a necessary commodity. It’s for those of you who like collecting things especially fashion that our European closets provide an unlimited amount of much needed space. 

We envision things and sometimes don’t know how to take it into action. That’s why our design professionals are here to help shape those ideas into a beautiful reality. We expect your call.



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